Over a year ago as the vision for the labyrinth was being presented to the community and students at Parkrose High School, one inspired student wrote a wonderful poem. (Replicated as close as possible to the original!)

Direction A poem written by Ceasar Pina a novice Poet

We see or view the word direction as a place on a map or a naviigation device,

when in fact the word direction can mean much more.

A direction is the will to carry on, proceed, overcome the obstacles that exist

between one’s goal.

The path to one’s goal may seem tricky, curvy, swirly, yet determination is what drives us

to the center of our destination.

A direction may in fact be four points, whether the points are cardinal, symbolical, or

spiritual it doesn’t truly matter.

If there is something about the word direction that all of us can agree with is this,

no matter what path you take,

no matter how hard it may be,

no matter the challenges,

you will evidently find yourself reflecting upon the path taken in the very end.